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Windows add subtle character to a home and act as a channel for light and air to either come in, or be prevented from entering the house. You can make this the focus of a room or even the whole house, blending in your surroundings and controlling what you see. Of course every homeowner would like for their home to be visually appealing, but protecting their home from the elements is vital for comfortable living. Transform your home with new replacement windows by Prevalent Exteriors, designed to be stylish and sensible for the discerning homeowner.

Knowing When It's Time to Replace Your Windows

  • Can you open and close your windows with ease?

  • Do you feel a cold draft in the winter and can't seem to stay cool in the summer?

  • Do your window panes have a foggy appearance, decreasing the visibility through the glass?

  • Are the frames rotting or showing signs of deterioration?

  • Does the style match the rest of your home and decorative interior?


In order to determine your window replacement needs, we will take many things into account, such as:

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Current Damage

  • Window Style Preference


You can enjoy the easy maintenance and lasting appearance of these professionally-fitted windows which come in virtually any style you want including: 

  • Awning

  • Bathroom

  • Basement

  • Bay

  • Bow

  • Casement

  • Double Pane

  • Double Hung

  • Garden

  • Kitchen

  • Insulated

  • Sash

  • Sliding

  • Skylight

  • Specialty windows, as well as different opening options

ENERGY STAR labeled windows, doors, and skylights are twice as efficient as the average windows manufactured just 10 years ago. They help cut your heating and cooling costs and can make your home more comfortable without compromising cost, comfort, versatility, or style. These high-performing windows are available in every operator type, including single- and double-hung, casement, horizontal slider, fixed, picture, and patio slider. They are manufactured with most common frame materials, including aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl, and wood.


Glass Coatings

Many windows and doors are available with Low E glass. A transparent metallic oxide coating applied to the glass surface allows short-wave energy to pass through but reflects long-wave infrared energy for greater thermal efficiency.

Gas Fill
The space inside an insulating glass unit—between the glass panes—may be filled with Argon gas, an odorless, non-toxic gas that is six times denser than air. This acts as an added barrier for a higher level of efficiency. Optional Krypton gas may be specified in some glass packages.

Laminated Glass

Some glass packages contain laminated glass. A transparent interlayer is adhered to a pane of glass, acting as a barrier against energy loss and noise.


What do you get when replacing your windows with Prevalent Exteriors Inc?

  • Professionals who specialize in your specific need, giving you the reassurance of an excellent job done.

  • Professionals who service your area.

  • Professionals who are available to do your project in a reasonable time frame so that your household disruption is kept to a minimum.

  • Professionals who can meet your needs in terms of price, value, and quality so that you are happy with the job, the windows and the cost.

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